Tricanna Industries

Your Processing and Distribution Partner

A Health Canada licensed processor and wholly owned subsidiary of CannaWorld.

Tricanna ensures a steady supply of fresh, high-quality cannabis to the market.  As part of a thriving CannaPark, Tricanna plays a pivotal role in connecting experienced growers to consumers.

Fair Compensation:  We offer competitive price for your flower.
Prompt Payments: Ensuring a steady cash flow for your business.
Direct-to-Retailer Advantage:  Minimize storage time in government warehouses.

Direct Delivery Distribution Network (British Columbia)
Tricanna’s distribution network gathers market intelligence from retail sales, aligning cultivation with demand. This bridges the gap between growers and retailers for a prompt, consistent supply of high-quality cannabis.

Bridging the Gap:  Connect growers with retailers for a consistent supply.
Constant Communication:  Expert market intelligence helps growers meet demand.

Sales and Distribution Solutions

For Growers:

Quality First.  Swift, direct delivery maintains premium flower quality.

Prompt Payment.  Direct delivery ensures prompt payment.

Market intelligence.  Retailers’ needs inform cultivation decisions.

Competitive Flower Prices.  We buy premium flower at competitive rates.

For Retailers:

Reliable Quality Supply: Dedicated supply lines ensures consistent quality.

Responsive to Customer Needs:  Collaboration tailors products to business needs.

Diverse Product Range:  From packaged flower to prerolls and 2.0 products.

In our commitment to your success, we continually engage with established cannabis retailers, expanding distribution avenues to reach broader markets.